Your skin’s ultimate goal.

Is to feel and look amazing, comfort you, and reflect your best self.

When you visit Amilia Jay, you are being welcomed in with healing and helping hands, carrying over 18 years of experience.


Hi Amilia, just wanted to thank you for the facial serum, since using it I have noticed a change in the texture of my skin instantly.

Ingredients work best, When they work together.

Meticulously researched and combined to offer optimum protection and to support the skin’s natural healing process.

Our Ambré Noir Face serum and Body Oil carries a powerhouse blend of oils to strengthen the skin and kickstart it into repair mode.


Hey a quick update on the facial serum,

I’ve been using it consistently for the past three weeks, my skin feels better than it ever has! It feels softer and supple especially in this dry weather. I use it every night and focus on the under-eye area too.


h my goodness Amilia, the serum is amazing, my skin is velvet like after using the oil,

My skin is glowing and much brighter, the dryness isn’t here anymore and the appearance of my acne scarring is also minimizing. I love how the facial oil doesn’t leave any oily residue after applying it.