Client feedback

I love receiving feedback from my clients, and seeing how our treatments and/or Ambré Noir has helped change their skin. From using it on their skin the very first time during my treatments and seeing how it softens and nourishes, to them taking it home to use on themselves daily for totally transformed skin. This is genuine and honest feedback, and I feel genuinely privileged to be part of someone’s skincare routine.

@akmakeup1 (Anna Karapetyan)

I had the hydrothrerm massage Earlier this week Amilia invited me to her studio to try a hydrotherm massage, she’s one of two specialist in North America who offers this Hydrotherm massage treatment. The massage is basically carried out on pillows filled with water, which is kept at a certain tempreture all throughout the treatment. The entire experience felt like I was floating & Amilia was preforming a dance on my muscles. I was semi concious, trying my best to stay awake to LIVE the experience, I couldn’t but to drift away.

Amilia has a very holistic approach to health& well being and her therapy started from the moment she opened the door her warm energy took over right away and her touch was just right. I think it’s so important to feel connected to your therapist. This is basically energy transfer! That’s how I see it!

@tropbelle_makeup (Senita Rodrigues)

I had the hydrotherm massage with Amilia ,it was definitely something different and worth having, everything was perfect the setting, the aroma of the oil and whole ambiance. It wasn’t just a conventional massage, she paid attention to the areas that held a lot of tension stretching the limbs and relaxing the muscles. From beginning to end she was very professional and talked me through the entire process and what to do for aftercare.


I really loved the hydrotherm massage which was recommended, within the massage I also got a facial, which was amazing, it included a scalp massage, arm upper shoulder and upper back massage. Both were incredible, thank you for the much needed hydrotherm massage.

@amplifiedsoul (Shobana Lakkavally)

The massage has so much depth because Amelia works with your energy she herself has a soothing and calming energy and she's able to provide you with many natural solutions For various Elements for what you’re feeling and she explained how elements manifest in the body and in the muscles.


Thank you so much for the wonderful facial with the head, neck and foot massage! It was quite the treat & so calming, I feel so relaxed.

I was so fixated on the facial that I forgot about the mani & pedi. Hands and feet have never felt so clean.

Thank you once again.


Amilia thank you for yesterday not only was it the best facial ive had but I felt light,poitive and relaxed. My skin is glowing today as you said it would. You reminded me to prioratize my well being be it mental, emotional or physical health, this is something I negect and forget about myself as a working mom.

Honestly thank you for taking me as a client, not rushing through the treatment and listening to what my skin needed and required.

Sabeen Arv

My experience with Amilia has been nothing short of perfect. She was able to accommodate me at very short notice after her working day.

The facial and massage was one of the most affective ive had in a long time.she was very receptive about my needs, she really does have a true healers energy.

The whole ambiance was serene, beautifully lit and gentle aroma filled the room. Amilia moved as silently around me whilst doing the massage which made me fall into a state of deep sleep without any interuptions.