Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage


The Renata França method is a manual massage technique that uses firm pressure on the whole body, with precise tonic movements, at a faster pace, on the circulatory path of the lymphatic system, with “pumping” type pressure on the lymph glands and exclusive maneuvers. The massage lasts approximately 1 hour

After the massage, it is necessary to hydrate well to promote the elimination of excess water and waste products from the body. 

For lasting results, it is recommended to do a weekly session for 5 weeks, and then one session per month to maintain the benefits.

What are the results?

- Relaunch the lymphatic circulation allowing a detoxification of the body
- Reduces oedema by draining excess fluid
- Reduces the volume related to water retention
- Relieves pain and heavy legs feeling
- Improves the quality of the skin by fighting cellulite
- Activates blood circulation
- Contributes to the feeling of well-being
- Helps the body to function properly: metabolism, immune system,