Hydrotherm Full Body Massage


What a better way of delivering an exclusive massage treatment, whether Swedish, deep tissue, sports and remedial, pregnancy, post pregnancy, aromatherapy, or simply relaxing, experience the Hydrotherm massage to deliver an impactful treatment.
Hydrotherm is pretty simple.
It consists of two cushions, filled with warm water and heated to about 38°C.
All you have to do is turn up, lie down and relax. AND you won't even need to turn over!
The Hydrotherm system looks after your in a number of ways:
It keeps your muscles warm and supple, avoiding injuries and feeling great.
The treatment flows beautifully from top to toe, you will feel spoilt!
It keeps the spine supported and in perfect alignment.
It doesn't use face holes, so you will never emerge feeling uncomfortable or with a compressed face and sinuses.
Lying on the front can be uncomfortable and problematic for anyone with mobility issues, but with Hydrotherm this is no longer an issue.
Lay face up throughout the entire treatment and reap the benefits of a conventional massage.